comics and animation fic

Custom Cannot Stale (X-Men movieverse) Terrorists need love, too (Rated R)

dragonflies draw flame (XMM) A sentimental education (Rated R)

Every Third Sunday (Justice League animated) Clark has questions. Lex has answers. Sort of (Rated NC-17)

let nothing you dismay (JL animated) Harley's little Christmas miracle

Day 812 (JL animated) Harley finds her place in the world turned upside down (Rated R)

Stillpoint (JL animated) J'onn seeks something in the desert

Supersymmetry (Ultimate Fantastic Four) Reed's blinded with science

Fallback Positions (JL animated) Bruce broods, with expert assistance (Rated NC-17)

As imperceptibly as grief (XMM) For Charles and Erik, the winter draws near

Bloodline (Batman comics) They have always lived in the castle (Rated NC-17)

Cauterize (XMM) There's more than one way to deal with loose ends

Dr. Strangelove: Or, How Wally Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spandex (JL animated) Wally spends the hiatus improving his mind (Rated NC-17)

At the Scene of the Crime Harry, Peter, and the limits of friendship (Spiderman movieverse) (Rated R)

Curves of quickest descent Doc Ock is a man of many thoughts (Spiderman movieverse) (Rated R)

It Takes a Redheaded Woman "My husband wasn't sweet to me, and look how I turned out." (Spiderman movieverse) (Rated R)

The Boy in the Red and Green Suit You can take the boy out of death. Can you take death out of the boy? (Batman comics) (Rated NC-17)

Submerged Apres lui, le deluge (Watchmen) (Rated NC-17)

Metal Stress Charles is late; Erik is inevitable (XMM)

Water like a stone Must there be a Martian Manhunter? (JL animated)

Something Cuckoo For Harley Quinn and Bruce Wayne, this certainly is something new! (Batman Adventures)

As deep cries out to deep Each is true to the mission, after his/her/its own fashion (Batman comics) (Rated NC-17)

If Someone Asks, This Is Where I'll Be After great pain, a formal feeling comes (Batman comics)

This whole experiment of green "A little madness in the Spring/Is wholesome" even in No Man's Land. (Batman comics) (Rated NC-17)

Chiaroscuro Gotham City is now a city of light (JL animated) (Rated NC-17)

Noli me tangere Victor and Sue never were (Fantastic Four movie)

Next Friend Fun and games isn't always fun and games (Batman comics, "Hanging Work" universe)

Assumption of Risk Concerning a failure to exercise the degree of care considered reasonable under the circumstances, resulting in an unintended injury to another party. (Batman comics, "Hanging Work" universe)

Down to Zero (with Livia Penn) When you fall, fall at my door (Outsiders) (Rated NC-17)

The lost are like this Dick experiences Wilson family values (Nightwing) (Rated NC-17)

Transitional Justice Love shouldn't be one of the spoils of war (Batman comics) (Rated NC-17)

With Gladness and Singleness of Heart There are no superheroes like Batman and Robin (Batman comics) (Rated R)