Other Fandoms

The mind is its own place (Brimstone) Morale-building exercises at work. (Rated NC-17)

The hour of Men (Lord of the Rings, movies) Eowyn knows the bitterest watch of the night.

Not by Bread Alone (Brimstone) Breaking up is hard to do.

everything looks perfect from far away (Ocean's 11) Guys like them don't change, but the world does.

The Old Deborah Kerr (Ocean's 11) Being a con artist means never having to say you're sorry.

A Motherfucking Roly-Poly Chubby-Cheeked Shit Machine (Dexter) No job too big, no description too gross. (Rated R)

Attendant (Bond films) Like so many in your profession, your nerves are always worst after the mission.

Unaccountable (Sherlock Holmes movieverse) The one who got away.

Jeu d'esprit (Sherlock (2010)) "Boredom is the desire for desires."

the most dangerous man in London (Sherlock (2010)) "There, now," he said. "Better, isn't it?" (Rated NC-17)

Frightening: or, Five Times John and Mycroft Had Tea (Sherlock (2010)) Negotiating a difficult relationship, with biscuits.

A Very Delicate Mission (Sherlock (2010)) "As I'm sure you, of all people, must know, I haven't spoken to Sherlock in eight months."

recreational aphasia (Sherlock (2010)) "221 Baker Street," someone mumbles, and John's honestly not sure whether it's him or Sherlock.

you think you're alone, until you realize you're in it (Sherlock (2010)) Nothing can stay simple around Sherlock.

(however improbable) (Sherlock (2010)) "When I say, therefore, that Mycroft has better powers of observation than I, you may take it that I am speaking the exact and literal truth." But powers of observation aren't everything.

Rustication (Sherlock (2010)) Having just survived an explosion, John wasn't really prepared for a kidnapping.

we have no rodeo clowns in yell county (True Grit (2010)) As I grew into a young lady, I was not much troubled with suitors.

Subterranean Homesick Blues (Sherlock (2010)) Mind the gap.

the suburbs of a secret (Sherlock (2010)) There are some circumstances before which strategy quails.

you'll never be alone in the bone orchard (Sherlock (2010)) John Watson meets Mycroft Holmes a day early. The world tilts slightly on its axis.

become silhouettes (Sherlock (2010)) There's nothing wrong that wasn't wrong before.