stargate: atlantis fiction

Resonance Rodney snorted too hard, a kind of convulsive splutter. "Major, if you think I'm deliberately seeking out danger on missions--" (Rated NC-17)

Rodney McKay's Brain Processes (Average Moment) (with Livia Penn) Just another piece of Ancient technology they didn't realize was still running...

A Small Local Kindness Sunsets, incipient storms, the tableaus of melancholy. (Rated NC-17)

Leisurely from disaster About suffering they were never wrong, the Old Masters.

Uninvited The dream of restless prowling through the corridors of the city, of the hunt, is not hers, but she recognizes it nonetheless. (Rated NC-17)

Be my homeward dove Atlantis is easy; Earth is hard.

Dragon's Teeth Three days of testing and he finally passed. (Rated NC-17)

Patines of Gold John's hearing things. (Rated NC-17)

The last full measure of devotion Rodney dreams of a better world. (Rated NC-17)

The Intergalactic Adventures of Lieutenant John Sheppard in the Twenty-First Century It's really not the first assignment he expected.

Lorelei There's a Wraith queen sitting enthroned in Elizabeth's office, like her equal. (Rated R)

Uncanny Valley "Real isn't how you are made. It's a thing that happens to you."

Side Effects May Vary John does so know how to say no. (Rated NC-17)

Subterranean Ronon knows his duties...better than John does. (Rated NC-17)

The New Frontier Six years after the end of the war, there are still battles to be fought.

Pavane for No Princess "Oh body swayed to music, oh brightening glance,/ How can you tell the dancer from the dance?" (Rated NC-17)

Too dear for my possessing "Okay," Rodney said, "I officially vote this Worst Mission Ever."

Salve regina "What could the queen of so many hives possibly need from me?" (Rated R)

after such knowledge Michael takes the blue pill.

Blue She knows all the city, except that room.

The way we look to a distant constellation John has an encounter in the desert. (Rated NC-17)

when I came I was a stranger John is recruited. (Rated NC-17)

you already know how this will end "You never used to be this realistic."

In a Grain of Sand It is Atlantis that matters.

Diplomatic Immunity They could have done a lot worse on their first, desperate, semi-random dialout into Pegasus. (Rated NC-17)

Into the blue again, after the money's gone You may find yourself...

Corvee In San Francisco, Teyla is starting to see things differently. (Rated NC-17)

If not by faith, then by the sword: five happy endings for Teyla and Michael What it says on the label. (Rated NC-17)

beyond rubies John drives a hard bargain.

Lesson Plan Teyla goes back to school.

I will carry you home in my teeth Partial surrender is a contradiction in terms. (Rated NC-17)