Who's tempting whom?

Wholesomeness is more complicated than it looks

Unaccompanied Minor
Lex goes home for the holidays

Cover Me
Clark finds something out; Lex doesn't
(Rated R)

Plans bear the wrong fruit
(Rated R)

Lionel has a problem to manage

With Mercy Round and Round
Martha looks after Clark

Lex looks after Lionel

Clark has to face up to something

Everybody Knows
...that you've been faithful, give or take a night or two...
(Rated NC-17)

Contra mundum
Clark's visit to Metropolis is disrupted by a series of catastrophic events
(Rated NC-17)

Written by the Winners
The battles started early in the Luthor household...
First in the Games Without Frontiers sequence

Incriminating Evidence
Chloe and Lex discover they have some things to prove

Second Intention
"A bold spirit wouldn't need to hide behind protection."
Last in the Games Without Frontiers sequence

You Can Learn A Lot
"It's creepy seeing Lex so out of control, but Clark likes it better than Lex in Rickman's control."

Breathing Amber
"Lex said he would take care of it, she reminds herself as she pulls out of the driveway and onto the road to town. Lex takes care of everything..."

Nothing but Flowers
"Share the same space for a minute or two."
Cover by Livia

The Scientific Method
Clark has a disinterested love of knowledge. Lex doesn't
(Rated NC-17)

Clark tries for more
(Rated R)

Becoming Visible
Amy's not out of mind anymore
(Rated R)

Lex performs his own ceremony

Lex takes a vacation; Clark takes exception
(Rated R)

And Call It Peace
What Lex doesn't know can hurt him

Lionel tries to mend things
(sequel to "And Call It Peace")
(Rated NC-17)

Night Call, Collect
Some negotiations are best carried out long-distance.
Cover by Hope

The Small Assassin
War without tears...
Second in the Games Without Frontiers sequence

There Will Be Time
Disturbing the universe
Cover by Te

Defects Prove Commodities
He stumbled when he saw

Jonathan may build fences

The Figure in the Glass
Lana spends her anniversary with the one she loves
(Rated NC-17)

He That Hath Ears
Some forces are too great for even a Luthor to deal with

Martha tends to a chore

He blinded her with science
(Rated NC-17)

Protect and Serve
Mercy knows her job

He wasted time, and now time wastes him.
Cover by Slodwick

Home to Roost
Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind

Bounded in a Nutshell
Lex is the king of bad dreams
(Rated R)

Self-Portrait, Still Life
"So, you teach people to spread their wings and fly?"